Welcome to La Valenciana!

La Valenciana was founded in 2011. Fresh and sweet avocados are at all times in season at La Valenciana as the company is a year-round grower and importer of conventional and fresh organic avocados, sourced from Mexico.

Here at La Valenciana, our avocados are not only meant for business, we make them part of us. From the time we packed our first avocado in 2011, La Valenciana has been family-operated and family owned. Our commitment is to do what we can for growers. We want to keep the industry of avocados strong and support other growers too with what they do.

Our hands-on approach to working along with other avocado growers guarantees that growers understand what is happening to their fruit every step of the way. Our farm personnel can help growers on different levels. We are able to visit groves to offer you a crop estimate of the harvest and we recommend different harvest strategies, which will enhance your crop value, which will lead to account marketing pricing as well as product supply and demand.

La Valenciana is dedicated to offering delicious and high-quality avocados all year round to consumers throughout the nation. We are able to pack avocados from Mexico. Our avocados meet all the food and safety standards that the US market requires, and at the same time, we also keep close connections along with all of our growers. Our staff personally visits our growers, as we have the commitment that avocados we import must meet our own high standards.

Here at La Valenciana, quality is obtained through continuously implementing developments to food safety and sustainability in our own packing house and local groves. We bring 20 years of experience in the avocado industry, ensuring La Valenciana and other local growers make wise decisions. We live in the place where we grow and sell our own avocados, thus we ensure that we produce and sell only the best quality fruit!

Equipped with Dedicated Growers

Did you know that our avocados are only as good as the people who are growing them? La Valenciana takes pride of our highly trained and skilled growers as well as the relationships we have established over the years. We have a professional and experienced field team who are focused on sustaining their efforts to create only the best and finest avocados in the nation.

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