1. When are your fresh products available?
    Although the abundance of avocado has its season, we have fresh avocado products in store for you all year. If you want to order from us, you can do so anytime.
  2. Are the products safe?
    Absolutely! Food safety is one of our greatest concerns here at La Valenciana. We do not just aim to provide quality products but we also guarantee that our product is safe and certified by industry experts.
  3. Who will I contact if I want to purchase avocados from La Valenciana?
    If you want to import our products, it is recommended that you contact us directly and make the inquiries via our contact details. This way, we can entertain you properly and we can explain how our services work.
  4. Is there any product that you produce aside from avocados?
    As of this moment, our sole focus is just in providing fresh and quality avocados to our customers. However, we are not disclosing any possibilities of providing other products in the future.
  5. How can I contact you?
    Contacting us is easy. We have provided our contact details on the site for you to check out.