La Valenciana has only one goal – that is to export our fresh avocados not just to our local market but also internationally. We are focused on becoming the leader in avocado export in the world. We make sure that only the freshest and best avocados are provided to our dear customers.
With the driven avocado producers in our team and strong technology to support us – we are able to deliver avocados to our clients quickly and efficiently. We also have modern facilities especially made for our product packing.

Sales and Distribution

Here at La Valenciana, we have conventional and fresh organic avocados all year round. We only get avocados from producers who are able to meet our strict standards in both freshness and quality.
We are focused on our custom ripening. We wholeheartedly believe that the freshness of the avocado has something to do with the quality of ripened fruits. That is why we have assembled a dedicated team with the right experience for ripening them to perfection. They are given with all the necessary training they need for the job. We have rooms especially made for the ripening of our avocados. Our personnel takes over in this room and monitor the progress of the process and check its freshness. We follow a strict standard for our storage and shipment where we ensure that avocados freshness is intact.
We can also provide unripened avocados for those customers who want them as such. Despite the un-ripe status, rest assured that the standard of our services provided and the freshness of the fruit is the same and satisfactory.


To ensure the quality and freshness of our product, we make sure that we pack them properly and according. Here at La Valenciana, we never take packaging as just a simple task. When we pack our fresh avocados, we do it with care. We are aware that packaging has a great impact on the freshness of our products. With that, we make sure that our packaging team knows exactly what they are doing and how to do it right.
Every staff member in our team is trained to be sure that they will not make any mistakes in the process of packing the fruits that can badly impact the freshness of the fruit.


Just like with packaging, delivery can also affect the freshness of our fruits. That is why we make sure that we will be able to deliver our products to the customers as fresh as when they left our shelter.